This is how a 1st grader should be welcomed to school

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Back to school

Only 1 month left before the school starts in Malta, but in other countries with colder climates, like Sweden, the primary school just started. I was lucky enough to see the following post being shared on Facebook in the local group ‘Parenting from the womb: positive discipline for our children‘ and I felt that I had to share it with you. I would have loved to be greeted this way when I first started school, and I certainly wish that my son will receive such a warm welcome as a first grader.

Copied translation from another post as seen on Facebook:

‘A letter sent home by a first grade teacher in Sweden that I translated because it’s just so wonderful it should be shared!


Now it’s time for a new semester of school and you’ll start in first grade. My name is Evelina and I am your new teacher. What fun that YOU are going to be in my class. We will find very new, fun and exciting things inschool this semester. I have sent a few things to you. These things you can need when you start school. There are also things that explains how things work in school.

First of all, I sent a bracelet. On the bracelet it says “Knowledge is cool”. I beaded this for you and I did it to show that it’s brilliant to have skills and knowledge about a lot of different things.

You get an eraser because everyone makes mistakes. It is from our mistakes we learn and develop. If you had already known everything you wouldn’t need to go to school.

The sticker you get to show that we stick together in class. We are a team that will work together and win through cooperation.

You also get a puzzle-piece to show how well we fit together, that everyone is different and that everyone needed for us to be our best.

The bookmark is telling you that you always have a place here with us in class. This place is here no matter how you’re feeling that day.

In the letter is also a packet of smarties. It shows how clever I think you are. We will learn a lot of fun things together and from each other.

Finally, I’m sending you a star. This you are getting as you no doubt understand because it symbolises YOU! For me, you are a star that will grow stronger and brighten every day.

Welcome to first grade. See you on Monday.’

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