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  1. Together They Blossomed has been turned into a song and you can hear it now!
  2. New book: Summer with Grandpa, now available in 20+ languages!
  3. A back to school activity based on the bilingual children’s book Nelly’s Box
  4. Language delays in multilingual children: what are they and what to do about them
  5. How to Raise Confident Multicultural Children – Read the whole book!
  6. Sunny’s Magical Headband read-aloud video + paperback now published
  7. My husband speaks a language I don’t understand with our children and it’s OK.
  8. Our journey raising multilingual children
  9. Here’s the PDF with the educational activities for Summer With Grandpa!
  10. Name my new book characters, sneak peek of the illustrations, and more!
  11. Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori, a trilingual language teacher: Advice for parents raising bilingual children and his new book!
  12. PDFs With Activities, About My New Book, Public Libraries, And More!
  13. New cooperation with best-selling author Kostas Krommydas
  14. Celebrate World Read Aloud Day With 19 Free Ebooks From Different Authors!
  15. FREE eBooks in 50+ languages on the 1st of each month in 2023!
  16. Interview with Lauren Mosback, a mental health therapist and children’s book author
  17. Free children’s grief and loss ebooks till the end of November!
  18. Interview with Andrea Dorn, psychotherapist, and author of the Mindful Steps Series
  19. Free eBooks; PDFs in Ukrainian plus other languages
  20. 60% OFF book sale (just $6.79) in USA right now, and €9.50 in Europe!
  21. Bilingual books in 50 languages – Free to download for 3 days!
  22. My identity crisis growing up in numerous cultures
  23. Why urging our children to embrace different cultures and learn different languages matters
  24. The 5 most common challenges a parent faces while raising a multicultural kid and how to address them
  25. 5 mistakes parents make when trying to raise bilingual children
  26. Confident moms raise confident kids – On finding your tribe abroad
  27. Media influences on children
  28. Raising multilingual children with additional needs abroad
  29. The stories you should tell your multicultural kid every day
  30. Crossing the Deep Cultural Divide
  31. Promoting Tolerance, practical tips – What we should do to enhance religious tolerance at home (parents) and at school (teachers)
  32. The impact of culture on the education of the young
  33. Inventing identities for our multicultural children
  34. The debate over multiculturalism and what we can learn from the Canadian model
  35. Volunteer readers + read aloud videos of Nelly’s Box in ES, IT, EL
  36. Giveaway on Instagram & a few hours left to download the eBooks!
  37. 10 bilingual editions of my new book will be free to download for 48h!
  38. Free to download for 48h -> Spanish, Italian, Portuguese EU, French editions of my new book!
  39. A new bilingual book is coming soon & I would love your input!
  40. An amazing new course for parents raising bilingual children
  41. Representation by Montse Cortázar Literary Agency, free Ukrainian eBooks, and more
  42. FREE download 48h: Sunny’s Magical Headband + 45 languages bilingual books

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