New editions, Catalan and Serbian, eBooks free to download for two days

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I hope you’re well. This is a short email to inform you that “Nelly’s Box” has been published in English-Catalan and¬†English-Serbian, bringing this round of new translations and bilingual editions to an end.¬†

To celebrate this, the eBook editions of “Nelly’s Box” and “Cousins Forever” in English-Catalan will be free to download tomorrow 29/03 from about 09:00CET till the 31st of March around 09:00 CET on all Amazon stores.
Here’s the US/international link for the EN-Catalan books. You will need to search for them at your local Amazon, the one connected to your Kindle account, and to have the free Kindle app installed on your computer/phone.

Here’s the US/international link for the EN-Serbian book “Nelly’s Box”. Like above, you’ll need to search for it at your local Amazon store.

Have a lovely rest of the week, and if you’re also celebrating Easter, Happy Easter from me to you and yours (we celebrate it x2 as the Orthodox one is in May).

If you find the time to leave a review or simply a star rating on Amazon and/or Goodreads, you’ll make my day. Here’s the link to all my books listed on Goodreads.

Thank you!

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