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Where am I from?”,“Cousins Forever”, “Happiness Street”, “Nelly’s Box”, and “Summer with Grandpa” are bilingual books written by Elisavet Arkolaki (me), published on Amazon in 50+ languages, and as of right now over 50,000 books and eBooks are in the hands of readers (March 2024, about 13k eBooks have been offered and downloaded for free). These books are perfect for bilingual kids and kids studying Spanish or English as their second language. The Spanish bilingual books are available in Spanish and English editions. They can be purchased from all Amazon stores and they can also be found in public libraries worldwide.

Read-aloud videos of these stories in many languages can be watched on PEaCH YouTube channel here. I am an ambassador of this EU, Erasmus+ funded project for bilingual and multilingual families. More information about my background can be found here.

For example, here’s a read-aloud video of “Cousins Forever” narrated in English, and right after another video with the story narrated in Spanish.

There’s also a video of an event at Lynden Sculpture Garden, USA, as part of the “HOME Multilingual Story Time” project, featuring “Cousins Forever”. The story was read in English and Ukrainian by Halyna Salapata from Wisconsin for Ukraine, and the storytelling session ended with an art activity from Lynden art educator Claudia Orjuela in English and Spanish where local kids were invited to send her their paintings and words to play the “Word swap” game.

There’s another event that I’m aware of and it took place at Eagle Pass Public Library, Texas, USA. As part of the “Online Spanish Story Hour”, Beatriz Valdes read “Primas para siempre” in Spanish, and during the “Online Story Hour”, Isabella Mora read “Cousins Forever” in English. You can hear them reading the stories here and here.

About my bilingual books

Dual-language or bilingual books are books where the story is written in two languages. In my books in particular, in the editions with Spanish and English, there’s an illustration on one page and the story written on the other in both languages. Large, black fonts are used against a white background to facilitate readability for early readers and beginner language learners.

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Cousins Forever  Download the accompanying activities in English here.
Happiness Street -> Download the accompanying activities in English here.
Nelly’s Box -> Download the accompanying activities in English here.
Summer with Grandpa -> Download the accompanying activities in English here. Activities in Spanish can be downloaded here.
Where am I from? -> Download the accompanying activities in English here.
Click here to read and see how Germaine Moran Koskina, PhD, Adjunct Professor and 2-Way Dual Language Bilingual Teacher used this book with her students at school.

Where am I from? – ¿De dónde soy?

Cousins Forever – Primas para siempre

Happiness Street – Calle Felicidad

Nelly’s Box – La caja de Nelly

Summer with Grandpa – Verano con el abuelo

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