Where am I from? is now available in 30+ languages – download the eBooks for free for 48h!

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I hope you’re doing great 🙂 Straight to the point, all news and updates below:

1) “Where am I from?” is now available in bilingual editions in 30+ languages with English both in eBook and paperback formats! 

To celebrate this, the new eBook editions will be free to download tomorrow the 4th of June from about 09:00 CET till the 6th of June at about 09:00 CET (48h) on all Amazon stores. All you need to download and read them is an Amazon account (.com/.co.uk./.de/, etc) and the free Kindle app installed on your phone/computer/tablet (you cannot read the eBooks on a Kindle that’s made for black and white novels, you need the app or a tablet that supports illustrated in color children’s eBooks). If you have several Amazon accounts (ie if you live in Europe), search for them on the Amazon store connected to your Kindle account.

Please consider writing a short review afterward on Amazon and/or Goodreads. It will help us immensely!

Available languages and bilingual editions right now:
English with Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Georgian, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Korean, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Turkish.  

Free eBook editions for 48h:
ArabicWhere am I from? – من أين أتيتت؟ 
Bosnian Where am I from? – Odakle sam ja? 
Czech Where am I from? – Odkud jsem? 
Danish Where am I from? – Hvor kommer jeg fra? 
Dutch Where am I from? – Waar kom ik vandaan? 
Finnish Where am I from? – Mistä olen kotoisin? 
Georgian Where am I from? – საიდან ვარ? 
Greek Where am I from? – Από πού είμαι;
Hungarian Where am I from? – Honnan jöttem?
Icelandic Where am I from? – Hvaðan er ég? 
Latvian Where am I from? – No kurienes es esmu? 
Lithuanian Where am I from? – Iš kur aš esu? 
Korean Where am I from? – 나는 어디에서 왔을까? 
Luxembourgish Where am I from? – Wou kommen ech hier?
Macedonian Where am I from? – Од каде сум? 
Portuguese Brazilian Where am I from? – De onde eu vim? 
Portuguese of Portugal Where am I from? – De onde sou?  
Serbian Where am I from? – Одакле сам ја?
Slovak Where am I from? – Odkiaľ som?  
Swedish Where am I from? – Var kommer jag ifrån?  

Coming in June:

  • “Where am I from?” in more bilingual editions in Greek with other languages
  • “Nelly’s Box” and “Summer with Grandpa” in English with Maltese

Coming by the end of the summer:

  • “Nelly’s Box” and “Summer with Grandpa” in English with Finnish, Icelandic, Luxembourgish, Swedish
  • “Summer with Grandpa” in Danish 

If there are any other languages you’d like to see my books published in, just hit “reply” to this email to let me know, and I’ll consider it.

2) Plymouth Babylab and the Spanish language school Nuestra Escuela

In other news, personnel from the Plymouth Babylab (University of Plymouth) visited the Spanish language school Nuestra Escuela and read “Happiness Street – Calle Felicidad” to the little ones. You will find some photos below. A big thank you, it’s great to see the books used in language classes <3.

3) Germaine Moran Koskina, PhD, Adjunct Professor and 2-Way Dual Language Bilingual Teacher read ¿De dónde soy? – Where Am I from? at the 2nd grade, Hodge Elementary, 2-way dual language school (USA).

“My 2nd grade dual language classroom enjoyed Elisavet Arkolaki’s new book ¿De dónde soy? – Where Am I from?

This is how we read the book: We read each page in both languages to make it comprehensible. I showed it on the screen so the children could read along and notice the cognates. As we were reading, we went to Google maps to find the country mentioned In the page and look at photos of it, and then we looked up the creature mentioned on the page. We traveled around the world and learned about legends and animals close to extinction. We also learned about the art form of graffiti. Great book! I wanted to broaden students’ background knowledge using books and Google. Some may never travel out of our town but will have ‘traveled the world’ in our class and have learned all about it!“

4) Claire Annette Noland, children’s librarian, reading specialist, and an author of easy readers, board books, and picture books for young children reviewed the book

“A group of children come together wondering where they come from. Each child thinks they know. It is the country where they live. But how can that be since they each live in different places? From Malta to Australia, each child describes their mode of transportation which includes swimming with a dolphin, flying on a dragon, and riding on a lion’s back. None of them, however, can agree on the one place they are all from until the youngest child reveals the answer.

The brilliant illustrations are a perfect match for the text as the author and illustrator worked together to create this stunning book. Amazingly, the illustrations are graffiti art painted on the walls of elementary schools.

Why this WHERE AM I FROM? should be added to your shelves: It includes a wonderful group of diverse children with mixed cultural and linguistic heritages. Each spread shows a child with a background setting and animals from their country of origin. The children travel to their destination in fabulous ways mixing fantasy with fact. Who wouldn’t want to hop in a kangaroo’s pocket? The detailed graffiti illustrations will entice children to find new things with each rereading. This book will be a good addition to elementary school geography and social studies curriculum and will encourage lively discussions. The text is lyrical and kid-friendly and perfect for emerging readers.”

That’s all for now. Thank you for your continuous support. I wish you a lovely start to the week and a great summer if you also live in a country where the summer months begin just now :).

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