“Where am I from?” just got published in bilingual editions, other news, and offers!

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Hi friends,

I have so much to share today! 

1) “Where am I from?” is now available in many bilingual editions! 
To celebrate this, the eBook editions will be free to download tomorrow the 7th of May from about 09:00CET till the 9th of May (48h) on all Amazon stores. All you need to download and read them is an Amazon account (.com/.co.uk./.de/, etc) and the free Kindle app installed on your phone/computer/tablet. If you have several Amazon accounts (ie if you live in Europe), search for them on the Amazon store connected to your Kindle account.

Search using the keywords: Where am I from Arkolaki French, Where am I from Arkolaki Spanish, etc.

Available languages and bilingual editions right now:
English with Albanian, Armenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, French, German, Irish, Italian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Turkish.  

By the end of this month, the book will also be available in the following languages combined with English. I will send an email to let you know (there will be another free eBook campaign for these).

Coming by the end of May:
Arabic, Bosnian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Georgian, Greek, Hungarian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Portuguese of Portugal, Portuguese of Brazil, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish.

Please consider writing a short review afterward on Amazon and/or Goodreads. It will help us immensely!

2) More editions of my previous books; the ebooks will also be free to download for 48h, same as the “Where am I from?” books

-> Nelly’s Box – La caja de Nelly
 -> the same story but with “Mexico” as the heritage country! More editions will gradually follow with more Spanish, French, and German-speaking countries featured!

-> Nelly’s Box – ნელის ყუთი English – Georgian
-> Summer with Grandpa – ზაფხული პაპასთან English – Georgian
-> Nelly’s Box – Кутията на Нели English – Bulgarian
-> Summer with Grandpa – Лято при дядоEnglish – Bulgarian
-> Summer with Grandpa – Mùa hè cùng ông English – Vietnamese
-> Nelly’s Box – Nellijas kaste English – Latvian
-> Summer with Grandpa – Vasara kopā ar vectētiņu

3) Multiple uses of bilingual books (and my books in particular) 

 Germaine Moran Koskina, PhD, Adjunct Professor and 2-Way Dual Language Bilingual Teacher, shared here that: “Bilingual books are an essential element for bilingual classes and language acquisition. These books are available in multiple languages which could be great for refugee students when there are not many books available in their languages”. 

b)Dr. Mandy Stewart and the LEAMOS staff included “Cousins Forever” on the Texas Women’s University website for the Master’s program in multilingual and multicultural studies as a recommended book for multicultural reading. That was a big surprise cause I had no idea my books could be used in such a setting.

c) My books are used at the Plymouth Babylab at the University of Plymouth!

-> Here I can spy “Happiness Street” in English-Spanish on a desk!
-> Also, they went to the French school Les Petits Mousses de Plymouth a couple of days ago, and Laurine read “Summer with Grandpa” to the children at the school. You can find a short video here (it’s the 3rd one).

->They also visited the Romanian Centrul Educațional Arici Pogonici where they read “Nelly’s Box” in Romanian and English! Here’s a lovely video with the kids taking turns reading the whole story in both their languages and motivating each other. What an inclusive way to read a bilingual book in a language class setting.

At the Plymouth BabyLab, they are often looking for bilingual children to join the BabyLab team! They always have new studies coming in and out of the lab, some of which are based on how being bilingual affects word learning. If you are raising a bilingual child, or know of any bilingual families that might be interested, please DM them “BILINGUAL” on FB or email for more info.

d) Video by Dr. Ute Limacher-Riebold and Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori discussing “Reading Bilingual Books, or Not Reading Bilingual Books?”

“Some people love bilingual books, others don’t… In this video, we are explaining how to use them with children of different ages (from toddlers to adults) and for different purposes”.

It’s a great honor to see that “Happiness Street” is one of the books mentioned in their video!

4) In other news, I went to Oslo to meet an author friend and visited one of the local libraries there. They have a big section with books in many languages, including bilingual books! We heard kids and families speaking in mant different languages, it was lovely. I didn’t see any of my books there, but I have seen them listed in several other libraries around the world. I would like to ask you, if any of you here happen to know, what’s the process to make my books available in many more libraries and thus accessible to more people?

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading! I hope your kids, students, and you will enjoy reading “Where am I from?” in these new editions.

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