17 days to go and the day starts with a kick

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944439_477868138949991_333519087_nErik is a very quiet and peaceful baby; at least now in the womb. He usually never kicks when I am sleeping, or he just doesn’t kick hard enough to wake me up. He reacts to the environment only when I am awake and usually when I am in a sitting position. There had only been one time during the pregnancy that he was kicking like crazy at night and I assumed that it was because I was sleeping in an uncomfortable position for him, since he stopped right after I turned around in bed.

Today though he woke me up around 10:00. I wasn’t ready to get out of bed but I think he was, cause he didn’t stop moving no matter how I was lying down. Maybe he was trying to give me the message that look mummy, you’ve been postponing it for ages, you have to finally go to the bank!

So I got up, had my usual breakfast, milk with cereals, and got ready to go out. It’s good or rather necessary to walk at this stage, since it helps the baby to eventually come out, no matter how difficult it might seem to actually get yourself out of the house. And if you have a good reason, something that needs to be done, even better cause you will do it.

Being that obviously pregnant has its benefits. The times when the belly could be mistaken for fat and I had to ask for a seat or help with something are long gone. Now people are just so eager to help out! People opened the doors of me, cars stopped on my way to Paceville to cross the road, and at the bank the people in the queue offered to let me go in first so that I won’t have to wait; although mind you, there was a seat and air condition. How lovely! I should better take care of all my pending errands just now!

I am also considering to go for my first swim today or tomorrow in the sea once the sun goes down a bit. I haven’t been in the water yet this summer, and since I might not have the opportunity to do so later on, I should better go now. Otherwise this is going to be my first summer ever without any swimming!

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