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If you bought the Times of Malta last Sunday, chances are you’ve read the interview I gave to PINK magazine, and know that a beautiful baby girl called Nelly has been welcomed to our family. It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post on my website, and I had not mentioned anything so far about the second pregnancy.


There has literally been no time! Massive changes in our family, busy with work (www.maltamumshop.com) , and a brain fog that hasn’t allowed me to sit down, concentrate, and put my thoughts into comprehensible words. My thoughts have been -and still are- broken, so how I could I put this down on paper..? I blame everything to the pregnancy hormones and the sleep deprivation (I haven’t slept through the night since 2013 and the first pregnancy). But let me go back to where everything started – for a second time 🙂 .

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that our first child was conceived in the Maldives, during our engagement trip. The second one was also meant to be a ‘holidays’ baby, and was conceived during our 3 months stay in Thailand in the winter of 2016. We found out shortly after we came back to Malta in February.

I remember during the first trimester of the first pregnancy, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. All I wanted to do was sleep, eat, and sleep some more again. This time things were different. I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t. Our 2 1/2 (at the time) year old would wake me up at night and then I couldn’t go back to bed. I also struggled to fall asleep in the first place. As a result, I had 0 energy during the day. I couldn’t care properly for the needs of our toddler who didn’t go yet to a nursery and needed to be out and about doing stuff. I also didn’t manage to keep up with work and housework.

We needed help, urgently. As both my husband and I work from home, we took the decision to go to Greece and spend there the first trimester, close to my parents, and in the countryside, where Erik would have lots of opportunities to play outdoors and me to get ‘pampered’. We then moved to Norway just 5′ away from the paternal grandparents. Erik started going to a local kindergarten called Espira (pictures below) in August, where he thankfully settled fast. Our baby girl was born on the 11th October. The birth was natural, super fast and smooth, and left me with a positive impression as a compensation for the previous one. I recovered so fast that I was out of the hospital after just 1 day (I will write about this birth experience on another blog post 🙂 ).



dsc06527At the moment we’re still trying to adjust to the new family dynamics. As many had told me before Nelly was born, 1 kid = 1 kid whereas 2 kids = 10 kids. Our son reacted bad to the intrusion of the newcomer but finally things have started getting better. And our family of 4 now, feels complete. The highlight was just a few days ago when Erik asked me to bring his baby sister to his bed, he cuddled and caressed her, and gave her one of his favourite cars, a purple McQueen, as a gift. At that moment, I felt that the best gift we have ever given him, and ever will, is a sibling <3


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