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The last few days Roy was away in Bangkok for a conference and I was alone with Erik in Koh Lanta. I must admit I didn’t feel particularly comfortable being alone here, but nevertheless it had to be done.

While Erik and me were relaxing on the balcony yesterday afternoon, we suddenly heard a loud noise from the roof; thump, thump, thump! I wasn’t surprised when Erik exclaimed ‘Monkey!. We’ve had such guests before on the roof since the day of our arrival. Occasionally in the garbage bin outside of the house as well.

This time though, the situation was slightly different, and I feel like sharing it with you since it’s quite unique. That monkey wasn’t the least afraid of us and came down on the balcony!

Now, I had heard some stories before from a South-African friend of ours about monkeys, where they enter houses, open fridges and take all sorts of stuff. Seeing that our visitor not only ignored Erik and me calling aloud ‘Go away monkey‘ but also showed us his teeth, I closed all the windows, and locked. Plus, one more monkey was at the balcony of the house next door, and a third one further down in the trees in front of us. Better safe than sorry.

Well, it didn’t take long before all three were on our balcony, obviously uninvited. And guess what! It was a whole family; a dad, a mum and their child. And what happened next? I am sure the male noticed the bananas on the counter cause he came right in front of us, attempting to slide the window! Yes, you heard me right! He was trying to open it the way a man would, while Erik and me were watching him!


Eventually he gave up, and they all left hungry without goodbyes. Sorry guys, but we hadn’t planned for a banana dinner party in company.


Next, we were mesmerized -or actually I was- by the peace and tranquillity of the sunset, one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen. No.1 still goes to Fiji and No.2 in Bergen, Norway though, sorry Thailand. Erik was to busy closing the windows I had just opened in fear of the monkeys coming back.


Now we’re waiting for our daddy to arrive, ‘by car, boat and aeroplane‘ as I was trying to explain to Erik in words that he understands.


Have a lovely day mummies xxx


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  1. Lorinda says:

    haha! this is hilarious! I think I would have been been terrified and you seemed to have handled it so well. Damn those bananas! lol

    • liza says:

      All the windows were locked so no matter how hard he tried, I knew that he wouldn’t be able to come in 🙂 It’s super interesting though to see how they resemble us. Humans would do the same. The father would attempt anything in order to bring food on the table for his hungry baby and woman 🙂

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