It’s all about legs now

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Since yesterday we discovered the wonders of our legs. Erik now figured out that he can use them in order to achieve something. And at his age that of course involves toys.

Lamaze Captain Calamari OctopusAnother favorite toy of his is a gift from our good friend Mette, the Lamaze Play and Grow Captain Calamari The Octopus Pirate, which rattles, squeaks, crinkles, has a mirror and lots of different textures that can stimulate him. It’s still a bit big for him since he’s just 2 months and a week old, so I so far had to hold it for him. I would take his hands and put them on the different legs for him to feel the textures and hear the different sounds. I would put it around 20-30cm from his face to see himself in the mirror. I would move it around over his head so that he can follow it with his eyes and get excited by this cocktail of colors, shapes and sounds.

But today, since I noticed that he’s moving his legs in a different way, I placed Captain Calamari The Octopus Pirate on his lap while he was on the bouncer. After a little while he started kicking it and he managed to move it with his feet towards his hands and grab it! I was in wow! Like all mummies, I can’t help but feel super excited when my baby achieves something for the first time.

So for the next play session I put him in his Fisher-Price Rainforest 1-2-3 Musical Gym. He hadn’t showed so far any interest in this one until now. But instead of trying to grab the toys, which I assumed that he would do since he can now almost reach them, he had fun lifting his legs up and kicking the bird that makes sounds and the black and white kitty toy (could be a white tiger???) that plays music.

Fisher Price Rainforest Musical Gym

It’s all about legs now. A new football star is emerging in Malta!

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