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My sister Charikleia Arkolaki, mathematician and painter, loves making paintings for kids. Since her first nephew is on the way, she couldn’t resist not to offer helping out with the decoration of his room 🙂

She just moved to Malta two weeks ago and brought me the following two ones, painted with pastel colors, as a gift for little Erik. I decided to use the second one as part of the blog’s logo as well.

Painting 2

Painting 1

I am quite fond of the following three ones as well . Maybe next time, and I get to keep the butterfly painting for myself!
The 1st one is painted with acrylic colors, the 2nd with pastel and the 3rd with oil.

Painting 3


Painting 4 Hara Arkolaki


Painting 5 Hara Arkolaki

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  1. really cool paintings – can't believe I never met this famous painter sister of yours! 🙂
    I used to have paintings as a kid too, from either my mum or grandmum. It's great.

  2. Glenn Rasmussen says:

    Very cute paintings indeed!

  3. Next time 🙂 Hara only came to Malta one time for a short holiday while you were still on the island but she's now living here.

    It's really nice to have paintings from your family! Maybe u can post photos of the ones you have from your mum and grandma. It would be cool to see them! Our mum is also quite talented in this direction and I have a lovely painting from her with a fairy. Need to bring it to Malta though cause it's still in Greece.

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