Buying second hand kids’ items in Malta. It’s a bargain!

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What Baby Wants Baby GetsTwo good things about Malta are that the distances are small and the criminality level is low. Thus, Facebook pages and websites where people sell used items thrive. It is easy and safe to meet the sellers and have a look at the items on offer. People here still have a sense of decency. Especially mums.

Babies grow up fast and (first-time) parents tend to buy so much. On top of that, they receive many presents for their little ones and this results in tones of stuff being accumulated at home, many items being hardly used and some not being used at all.
My favorite page for bargains is What Baby wants, Baby gets on Facebook where Malta parents -from what I’ve seen it’s usually mums- sell Pregnancy, Baby & Children’s items. There are no fees involved, one can sell and buy without paying a middle person, the page is very well organized and items are separated in categories.

I’ve bought a few things from there and they were truly bargains. There hasn’t been any case, not even one, where an item described as “excellent” from a mum was not “excellent”. As you browse through the pictures you will of course notice that some items are much more expensive than others but you pay for what you get. The very good items are more expensive but still they are much cheaper than the ones that you will find in a shop.

Certain things should be bought new, like the mattress where the kid is going to sleep and the car seat, but other ones like some nursery furniture, changing tables, clothes, travel cots and playpens don’t have to.

And in certain cases, as mentioned earlier, one can find brand new items at What Baby wants, Baby gets, for even less than half the price! Just a month ago I bought a brand new Mamas & Papas changing mat for 10 Euro through this page, which was still on sale in shops for 40 Euro! If you are also wondering, like I was, why was she selling so cheap, the story goes as following: that mum had bought a changing table and got the spare changing mat as a present. She didn’t manage to exchange it on time and thus had to sell.

It is definitely worth to have a look. A great place to sell your own stuff and buy stuff of others.

And… Mission – Recycle – Accomplished!
PS. Another such Facebook page is the Maltese Babies & Toddlers (Preloved Clothing). It follows the same principles but appears to be less popular.


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  1. am looking for a wooden highchair

  2. Hi Caroline, you won't find second hand wooden highchairs on . You might want to contact What Baby wants baby gets on Facebook for such requests or post on the Facebook group Second Hand Goodies for Kids Malta

    If you're looking for a new highchair, you can buy it with a considerable discount at one of these companies ( by purchasing the membership card, Maltamum Card . On the following link you can see all the companies that currently offer us discounts

  3. Angele Vella says:

    Is there anyone who would like to sell a jumparoo please?

  4. mivi says:

    I have baby needs to sell. 3 in 1 pushchair, travelling cot, portable height chair, dreast feeding pump, potty,

  5. New ice watch green never used. Unwanted gift.

  6. What baby wants baby gets used to be one of my fav pages. It's not there anymore

  7. Doris Doku says:

    looking for clothing for a baby girl 6months

    • Vilma says:


      Are you still interested in baby clothes? You have a girl or a boy? I have few clothes to sell – some of them used and some of them not, for a girl up to 1.5 years. Please contact me if still interested:

  8. Tony Ungaro says:

    Am looking for a playpen?

  9. Sintija says:

    Hi .. please if anyone got any FREE Girls clothing or BABY stuff i would appreciated .Thank you !

  10. Alba Sánchez Esteban says:

    Are there any children chair for the car?

  11. Peter says:

    We have the following to give away, to be collected form Swieqi,:
    1- A pram/pushchair
    2- A highchair
    3- A “Fisher price” tricycle.
    4-Breast Pump

    Please contact me on 77504660.

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