My little man turned 180 degrees today for the first time

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Fisher-Price Rainforest 1-2-3 Musical GymErik has mastered the skill of rolling from one side to the other, both ways, while on his back. Although this is an important milestone to his development, I wasn’t so overwhelmed to see it. But today morning he surprised me big time.

It’s been a month since we started using the Fisher-Price Rainforest 1-2-3 Musical Gym, and we use it almost every day (previous article: It’s all about legs now). So today morning, as per usual, I put him on his back on the musical gym to play. Before leaving the room, I saw him rolling towards one side and placing both his feet on the left side of cylinder where the toys hang. I also saw him trying to grasp his feet with his hands.

He must have somehow grasped the cylinder while pushing with his feet, cause when I came back, I found him having turned 180 degrees, playful and smiley! It might had been just pure luck to manage to do that, but I must admit that I felt overjoyed seeing this small “miracle”. Or, lets just say, it seemed like a “miracle” in the eyes of a first time mum 🙂

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