2 books to be released in Malta early 2014 by the Vision+ Group of authors and artists

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Update 07/02/2014

Vision +, in collaboration with The Writers Club and One for All and All for One, presents the official launch of the two new books – Unbroken Words/Kliem Infinit and Bejn il-Barrakka u l-Baviera. The launch will take place on 16th February at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, Floriana where doors will be open to public from 9am. 

The launch will be part of a greater event, which will incorporate an artistic fair, with various local talents showcasing their skills in a bid to give a much-needed boost to the promotion of Maltese culture. Various keynote speakers will also be present at the event, including Mr Anton Grasso and Prof. Oliver Friggieri, who will be speaking about the importance of literature and art in general in our culture.

With a great variety of different artistic talents, and the opportunity to meet with the different emerging artists in our society, the event will surely be able to cater towards different tastes. All proceeds from Unbroken Words/Kliem Infinit and Bejn il-Barrakka u l-Baviera will be going to a charitable cause (to build a school in Kenya and one in Malta).

On a different note, Alex Ferrante will do some face paint on whoever is present at the event, and wishes to have his face painted. This is going to be super fun for the kids who come along with their parents.

For more information please visit www.josephsultana.com

About Us

Vision + is a group formed on the sole purpose of publishing material from various sources and to promote local skills. On occasions the group is also used to gather funds that go directly to charity. The group is formed by various artists, including illustrators, photographers, writers, tailors and translators among others, where their work is encouraged to be developed and then put on the market in order for the public to acknowledge it.

The Writers Club is a non-profit organisation which aims at bringing together different writers in Malta into one friendly environment where they will be able to write together and grow as writers. The Writers Club meets on a weekly basis at St. James Cavalier and is open to writers of all ages. For more info, contact twc.malta@gmail.com or find us on Facebook!

One for All and All for One is a philantropic organisation founded on the principle to provide aid and care to those communities much in need. This occurs by organizing several events, or cooperating with other entities, both social and cultural, where funds are raised for the benefit of others. For more information contact us either onwww.facebook.com/joyce.bonello or by mobile: 79316201



The newly founded Vision + Group, a group consisting of a large number of various artists in Malta, will be releasing its first two books early 2014. The books are entitled Bejn il-Barrakka u l-Baviera/Tales from the Old City and Unbroken Words/Kliem Infinit and both will include a collection of short stories and poems, and exquisite illustrations from local artists.

  • Bejn il-Barrakka u l-Baviera – A collection of stories and poems in Maltese written by three authors all focused around the Old City of Valletta. The material written is periodical with a touch of drama, nostalgia, love and humor. There are also exquisite illustrations dividing the whole collection into six major sections depending on the theme portrayed by the poetry and story telling. Suitable for all ages.
  • Unbroken Words/Kliem Infinit – A collection of stories and poems both in Maltese and English that have a universal approach written down by thirty different authors and poets. The material written is a mixture of fantasy, drama, romance, comedy, horror, reflections, etc etc. There are also exquisite illustrations dividing the whole collection into twelve major sections depending on the theme portrayed by the poetry and story telling. Suitable for ages over 12. A short story of mine will be featured in this book in English.

Pre-order Bejn Barrakka u Baviera and Unbroken Words/KliemInfinit via www.josephsultana.com and get Għetiebi Mikula/Weathered Thresholds, a collection of stories and poems in Maltese which was released last year, for free. The offer works like this: €10 for one book, €20 for two books with the addition of a free book. This offer is only valid through the mailing system and until the 31st January 2014. All money received will go to charity.

For further info, please have a look at Joseph Sultana‘s website, the person behind these projects, author of the  Misteru Ark-Anum series in Maltese and founder of the Vision+ group.

I hope you will enjoy them.


Here’s the list of all the contributors and their story/poem in Unbroken Words.

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