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Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely summer holiday –that is if you live in a country where the summer holidays just ended-. It’s been a while since I wrote you so I have quite a bit to share; just scroll down to the sections that interest you 🙂 .


We went to Greece (my home country), different places, and loved every second of it!

Here’s a photo from Crete (the biggest island, located in the south of the country, my father’s home island). There’s a lot of diversity in Crete and the scenery can be quite different in some parts than what we usually have in mind when we think of Greece.

This particular beach where we stayed reminded me of Australia! Here’s a photo from Fraser Island, Australia, from back in 2011 (I was backpacking down under with my then-boyfriend now-husband). I felt I was transported back in time as I had never visited before that part of Crete.

And here’s a photo with a red moon rising as if from within the sea! I had never seen this before in my life, but apparently, it’s a common sight in the summer months in northern parts of Greece. The location here is Nea Peramos, mainland, close to Kavala.

This was taken at our family country house, and like in my new book “Summer with Grandpa”, when the family eats fish for lunch, the stray cats of the neighborhood do as well (stray cats are a common sight and very useful as they hunt down mice and snakes).

I also discovered this photo dating back to the days when Charikleia Arkolaki (my sister) and I were spending most of the summer break at “Happiness Street”. This loving and caring man was Vaggelis (or Lelis as we called him), my godmother’s brother and great-great uncle of ours. We were so lucky to have him, his sister, and her husband in our lives till our early adult years. Vaggelis was the one who lived the longest and he got to meet my son when he was a baby <3.

While we were there I also unboxed the original watercolors by Svitlana Holovchenko the amazing artist who illustrated my new book “Summer with Grandpa”. Aren’t they lovely?

Autumn book offers

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  3. If you’ve been here for a while, you might remember that I am now also managing the Amazon account of Kostas Krommydas, a best-selling, multiple-award-winning author from Greece, who writes novels mainly in the Women’s fiction genre. Six of his books have been translated into English and are available for purchase on Amazon. From right now till Sunday the 3rd of September you can purchase the eBook editions for as little as 0.99 USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/CAD! His books take place in Greece and in many other wonderful locations around the world and I’m sure they will transport you on beautiful journeys!

    A Tuscan Night
    Amazon review: This is the best novel I have read this year and I know his beautiful words will make me seek out his novels again and again. He spoke to my spirit and it was easy to think of myself driving around the gentle landscape with someone I was falling in love with. A really great read.

    Amazon review: It has kept my interest up to the last page. Unexpectedly easy to read, a place so beautifully described, a story so mysterious and breathtaking. Kostas Krommydas is one of my favorite authors. So gifted. Can’t wait for the next book of his.

    Cave of Silence
    Amazon review: It was like watching a great movie. Fast and engaging. Amazing story, I can’t believe it’s true! It made me cry several times.

    Dominion of the Moon
    Amazon review: I have now read all of this author’s books. They are all page turners and every time I say I am going to read more slowly and then I don’t. This story is gripping in the extreme and having finished it this morning, cannot even think about reading another book each time I finish his books and have to give myself a few days. Wonderful author.

    Lake of Memories
    Amazon review: Great story mixed with legends of Greek culture. The descriptions of Greece and its people make you feel that you’re there.

    Amazon review: I have read all this author’s books now but this one left the most lasting impression. He writes so eloquently and the story was in my mind for days.


    Thank you for your reviews!

    As always, thank you for your heartfelt emails and public reviews posted on Goodreads and Amazon. Always grateful to read reviews such as these. There’s no better way for other readers to discover them and give them a chance!


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