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All the Maltamum Cardholders are now invited to join the Facebook group ‘Maltamum Cardholders Club‘.

Kindly note that the access is restricted to the persons who have bought the Maltamum Card. You can read more about the card here.

New privileges with the Maltamum Card now come in the form of free or discounted entrance to parties, events, workshops etc. If that sounds interesting, you can order your card here.

In the Maltamum Cardholders Club I will be announcing new offers, events, parties and anything new in regards of the exclusive privileges related to the Maltamum Card. In this group we can also discuss all together anything related to the current offers, new ones that you would like me to pursue, events and happenings. Feedback will be visible only to the cardholders who joined the group and up for discussion.

By being able to communicate as a group, we can make the Maltamum Card scheme better for all of us.

1st topic is about our 1st Maltamum party to come where the cardholders will be invited to join for free.

Please join us here and enter the discussion.

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