Fits that last about 1h long. Is this normal?

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A mum is asking for our help – Any professionals who can give some advice or mums who have experienced something similar?

‘I’ ve asked for help and guidance some months ago but I still cant figure out what is wrong with my 7 yr old.

She has fits that last about an hour long. She cries hysterically and when we ask whats wrong she shouts at us for asking. She shouts that we dont love her. That we are all wrong and she is right. She wont say whats wrong and why she cries, but she lashes out at every word we say. Nothing we do or say makes her episode stop. It has to last almost an hour.

She has been seen by the councellor at school but basically she is just a sweet girl there and nothing seems to be wrong with her.

Is there any known condition that makes kids behave this way? Cos Im starting to fear there is something wrong.

She cries so much during these episodes that her voice is a deep one, not like a 7 yr old should be. I never had such issues with her older sister. Also i am lately noticing that during other “normal” times she seems distant lost in another world sort of, quite distracted. Not sure if she does it on purpose or not. I usually have to call her three or four times before she lashes at me for calling out to her.

I’m feeling lost i really need some guidance please.’

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  1. Please get in touch as I might be able to help 79623924

  2. Follow-up from the mum:

    'I think it all started around two important transitions in her life.
    Around 16 months ago I ran away with the girls from my husband due to domestic abuse. After some weeks staying at a shelter we got back together and he has been guided by professionals to stop his abusive behaviour. He never hurt the kids, he was just emotionally and sexually abusive towards me. My kids attended councelling for almost a year after that and now he isnt being abusive any more. At that time I was pregnant with my third child.
    After we settled down at home I needed my said daughter to make adjustments to her sleeping habits. At six years old she wouldnt sleep unless I sat by her side, and each time (say around five times a night) she would wake up and ask me for a glass of milk and then to get back to sleep I would have to sit again for half hour or so every time. So there were some nights when she resisted the change and did the crying episode to get me to stay with her till she sleeps. I had to change that before the baby was born so she wouldnt feel neglected cos of the baby. And now that I think of it, the start of such episodes was around the time we were trying to get the sleep pattern changed.'

  3. I will pass on the message.

  4. Evi says:

    Please try to talk to a child psychologist he/she will be able to tell you what happens and what’s wrong. All I can understand from what I read is that the child is desperately trying to tell you something and does not express it the “right” way. It seems to me something is really bothering her or making her uncomfortable… Maybe she is jealous of your older one, maybe her schoolmates don’t treat her nice, maybe maybe maybe… Check what is it the soonest. A specialist should be able to tell…

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