Erik is already 2 months old!

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Our little boy turned 2 months old yesterday! Time flies. I haven’t posted a blog post for a while now and the reason is obvious. Since Erik was born, I could hardly find time or the will to do anything else other than spending time and taking care of him.

Babies grow and change so fast! It’s amazing. He turned so fast from an unresponsive newborn who just wanted to be fed, to sleep and to change his diapers to a communicative little man who smiles, laughs out loud, makes different noises in an attempt to communicate with us, moves hands purposely, is extremely fascinated by a particular pirate toy, which he loves at the beginning of a play session and which irritates him deeply by the end of it, and who astonishes us with his different facial expressions that seem to vary even more as the days pass by.

Most of the times I am tired but at the same time happy and contented. Once you see him smiling and staring at you with his big eyes, all the tiredness seems to vanish, and all you can think of is that it is definitely worth it 🙂


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  1. Hara Arkolaki says:

    "is extremely fascinated by a particular pirate toy" 😀 Indeed!!

  2. I wonder for how long is he gonna keep on being interested to play with the same toy over and over again. It's been a week already 🙂

  3. Lucky you. Never happened with Eva. She needs new sources of entertainment every 5 minutes. Not a single favourite toy.

  4. Anya Soldatova-Livera I am sure she's gonna fall in love with a pretty doll soon <3 Erik seems to like at this point anything that makes sounds and/or swings. Not just toys but things like keys, plastic bags, a pendant of mine etc. But he always sticks to this pirate which I've hang on his bouncer.

  5. Edu Ferrer says:

    If that particular pirate toy is the one I brought him, I'm glad he likes it!:)

  6. Edu Ferrer yeps that's the one!!! GREAT success cause I can FINALLY leave him alone to entertain himself on the bouncer and I can manage to do some stuff around the house :-p The two of them seem to have good conversations during the day.

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