Due date +3 and a big surprise!

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This is going to be a short blog post cause since yesterday evening the cramps and contractions are much stronger and painful, although still random, and I find it hard to stay on a siting position.

So the news after our Wednesday hospital visit is that there is progress, the cervix is now dilated 1 cm, and I keep on experiencing contractions. There is no amniotic fluid leakage, the fluid is still clear and everything looks good and normal.

But, the doctor did have a BIG surprise for us. The ultra-sound revealed that our little one appears to be no little at all. He seems to be a tall boy of approximately 4170gr! And I cannot help but wonder, judging from Roy, me and our families background (we’re all rather short and small sized), whether they mixed up the results with another baby :-p Roy was big though at birth, over 4kg, and he was born after his due date, whereas I was around 2.7kg and premature,¬†so Erik must have taken from his dad.

The next appointment for fetal monitoring is on Friday, another one on Sunday, and if Erik hasn’t decided yet to make an entrance in the meantime, we get admitted to the hospital on Monday and I give birth on Tuesday.

Fingers crossed that everything is gonna be fine.

This is a picture of Erik from the 2nd ultra-sound, when he was just 2+ months old in the womb. Although it is the most natural thing in the world, I still find it amazing how he grew up from this tiny little embryo to a ready-to-be-born 4kg baby!




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