20 days to go and the baby’s head has engaged!

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LIFE-GENDER[kkstarratings]After another sleepless night (4h of sleep in total) Roy and I went to Mater Dei for a casual check-up. Everything looks good and normal. Though, we have some news! Erik has taken position and his head is engaged.

It’s been a few days now that I’ve been feeling some pain and annoyance down at my pelvic bone, mainly when I turn around in bed or get up from a chair, so I’ve been assuming that something had started happening. But it is a different thing to assume it and have it confirmed by the doctor.
So from now on, whenever I go out I will be carrying with me the famous -among mums- Blue Card and will make sure to always have my mobile charged, just in case the little one pops-out slightly earlier than expected.

Super excited AND super tired (did I mention lack of sleep?) AND lots of mood swings. One minute I want to sing (lets say Beautiful Life from Ace of Base), and dance, and do soooo many things, whereas shortly after I just want to lie in bed and do absolutely nada! I think that today is the day of doing more or less nada.

PS1. I am also daydreaming of white sandy beaches and being able -again- to lie down with my back on the sand. I haven’t been in the sea yet this summer!

PS2. I just read at UpdatedNews.ca that “The definition of premature birth should be  raised to more than 37 weeks, experts claimed yesterday. […] The additional time results in more brain  development and slightly better scores in school mathematics and reading  tests.” I was a premature baby.  That might explain why I’ve never been the best in Maths. Lets see if Erik does better than his mum :-p

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