Babbling for the first time in Malta

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shutterstock_43678915You have heard the random ‘ba’, you have heard the random ‘ma’. And out of a sudden, after more than a month of silence, the baby goes crazy with babbling and repeats syllables, and he’s all about ‘babababa’ and ‘dadadada’. We were just playing in bed and he started twaddling! OK, OK, I know. Babies always do something new unexpectedly. But this is such a big thing.

The ones of you who’ve reached this developmental milestone with your kids, I am sure you can feel me, and the ones who haven’t arrived to that stage yet, you will soon. My cute, sweet, baby boy is attempting to communicate with us. And it’s hard to tell who is more excited. The parents or little Erik who has a smile drawn all over his face at every attempt to use his vocal chords?

Just for the history of this milestone, scientists Kuhl and Meltzoff believe babbling does not consist just of random sounds put together, but it is the baby’s attempt to learn how to move the lips, tongue, mouth and jaws to produce the sounds we make (Source: Look who’s talking: ‘babbling’ by Talaris Institute).

Hard to believe how different our baby is today compared to how he was just 3-4 months ago. He’s like a different person. He is now actually more like a person 🙂 .

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