16 days left – baby boy it’s gonna be alright…

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baby boyOh how I wish I could feel what Erik feels and see how the whole pregnancy is experienced from his side. Every now and then I have a weird thought going through my head, that the experience of being born, seen from a baby’s perspective, might feel like dying.

The only world a baby, my baby, knows at this stage is a cosy, dark womb and his world keeps on growing smaller and smaller as he grows bigger and bigger. Then he will soon arrive to the point were he cannot fit in there anymore and he will be forced ‘down’ a narrow path in a rather violent way, forced to leave behind what he knows as ‘life’ for something scary maybe and unknown.

I wonder whether I am gonna be able to soothe him during labour and make him understand that it’s gonna be fine, this is the way, the only way, of coming in a new and far more interesting world. Make him see that he needs to leave the old world to enter the new one and this is normal. This is how life evolves.

I wish I could tell him how beautiful it is out here, make him see the beauty, the colours and the shapes that are waiting for him. Make him look forward to it instead of being afraid. Tell him the future looks bright for him. He’s coming into a world full of love where lots of people he cannot even imagine their existence already ‘know’ him, love him and are expecting for him to arrive.

I wonder why he’s gonna be later on forced to forget this experience. He will have no memory of any of this and yet it is the most important incident in his life. He will never remember how it felt to be born. Though, baby boy, I assure you, it’s gonna be alright…

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