Wishes full of love and wisdom

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A heart-warming paragraph, short but full of wisdom, from grandpa Kostas to Erik for his Book of Wishes.

Hi Erik,

In this world that you came without being asked if you’d like to, a world that you’re gonna leave without wanting to, full of unjustice and malice, I wish that you only get to experience the pleasures it has to offer. Always smile, only desire a few things in your life and acquire them, don’t ask for much cause you’re going to be unhappy, play as much as you can with other children when you are small, and spend time having fun with good friends when you grow up. Ignore Facebook, video games, TV and the like. Play, have fun spending time with friends you love and who love you, live every moment to its fullest, and feel the joy that’s hidden in the everyday, “unimportant” small little things. Love without holding back if you wish to be loved, and most of all fall in love to be happy.

With lots of love,
Your grandpa Kostas




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