Titans’ Game – A pioneer book series by authors and artists in Malta

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What started with the code name Project Kinder (from the German word ‘kinder’ which means kids), is now taking shape as Titans’ Game, an upcoming book + game series both in Maltese and English that will keep kids and adults thrilled throughout and will engage everyone in a thrilling adventure! The title refers to a massive fantasy battle expanding while a unique adventure runs parallel to it and it appeals to all ages from 10+! The man behind this project is the Maltese author Joseph Sultana, best known for the massively popular series Misteru Ark-Anum (The Ark-Anum Mystery).*

What is it about
Titans’ Game book series will feature a Legendary War brought back to life as 2 mighty forces collide together. The adventure revolves around two massive adversaries unleashed to bring to life the Legendary War. As the world is forced to witness an enemy like no other, an antihero known as The Scorpion will unite together the most unlikely group on a mission where courage and hope are brought to the edge.

The saga will be made of three parallel stories; a fantasy battle where a number of people will be forced to challenge myths, a real-world drama where there will be twists and turns around the corner as not every character is whom appears to be, bringing either relief or more tension to the present quest, and an adventurous object with its own story-line which will help both the other worlds.

There will be 5 main characters known as The Scorpion (the main leader in the quest), The Observer (the owner of the Mansion from where the mission is run), The Noble (the one responsible for financing the whole quest), The Messenger (the person responsible for the object code-named Kayle), The Visionary (the only person who knows which people can be sent for the fantasy challenge).

What makes it one of a kind and fun for the whole family
Joseph might be the one who moves the strings but several authors and artists here in Malta are also committing themselves to make this dream a reality. This series will be pioneering as the book in itself will act as a game. Authors will write a different book each, giving a more interesting perspective to the adventure. Artists will create illustrations to help people understand what’s going on. Joseph also aims to involve adults in participating with kids or other families in a unique dimension of gaming/book reading.

The book will have puzzles that only by solving them can the readers keep on going throughout the story, and what makes it even more interesting is that these puzzles won’t only be paper puzzles but also live performances. Authors, artists, kids, their friends and parents, all engaged together in a reading and gaming adventure! We luckily live in a small-sized country which makes this feasible. Sounds fun, no? And there’s a bit in here for everyone. Mystery/gaming for kids, thrills for teens and some drama for us adults.

Coming soon
More information as of the release date of the 1st book and where to find it will follow in the near future, so make sure to Like the official Facebook fan page of Titan’s Game. The group of the artists and authors involved in this project is Vision +, and should you wish to contact directly Joseph Sultana click here for his Facebook profile or here for his official website.


*The Misteru Ark-Anum (The Ark-Anum Mystery) is a 4-book introduction to the complete saga Il-Kodiċi (The Code). This introduction focuses on the appearance of a madman who turns into a serial killer. His plan – to eliminate people and triggers a mental battle between him, the police force and the media world in order to stop him. At the same time several characters on the background are coping with their personal demons. This story is meant to unite them together in later books. It is addressed to adults.

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