11 more days – getting impatient!

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Last night I had lots of period-like cramps and I woke up feeling as if something heavy had been sitting on my chest the whole night. I found it hard to breath as if I had smoked a package of cigarette, which I haven’t, I promise; I haven’t had a puff since I found out I was pregnant.

I don’t like complaining but I feel very moody the last few days. When I am feeling high and happy, it’s awesome, but I know that my extreme highs also bring extreme lows, which are always to be found on the other side of the wheel.

I am getting impatient now and I want to give birth as soon as possible. I am getting easily angry and upset. I feel useless cause I need help for the smallest things, like entering the bath tub to shave my legs, and I shed a few tears every now and then. I also freaked out a bit when I got on the scale and saw that I’ve gained 19kg so far, and my craving for ice-creams and chocolate is still high on! And the weirdest thing of all is although I know I should be feeling just extremely happy now that we are so close to the end, and without any complications, I am feeling low without being able to specify the reason why. Pushing myself to go out for short walks helps a bit to lift my mood and I’ve been told it might also help with labour to kick-off.

I also started worrying if everything is going to be alright, if the baby is going to be healthy and so on. All these months I had been positive, ‘knowing’ intuitively that everything is going to be alright, and it had been indeed, and thoughts like these ones hadn’t crossed my mind.

I wonder what’s happening with me out of a sudden. Can I blame all this to my crazy-stupid hormones going out of control again, like in the first trimester, where I would just start crying out of nowhere while watching Friends on TV? And is it just me or did more of you experience similar feelings the last days/weeks before giving birth?


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  1. Maria says:

    I have exactly the same feelings and worries I don’t know if the reason is the blast of hormones but one day I feel okay and the next like a loser! Patience.

    • liza says:

      It’s like a roller coaster! I thought that after the first trimester was over everything was more or less back to ‘normal’ in terms of mood swings. Ha, I wish 🙂 In which week are you now?

  2. Nina says:

    Normal? What’s that? I’ve been crying my eyes out for months for no reason. I didn’t go back to normal till approx. 3 months after I gave birth!

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