The Toolbox for Multilingual Families celebrates 1 year!

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It’s been a year since Ana Elisa Miranda and Ute Limacher-Riebold published The Toolbox for Multilingual Families, and I’d like to celebrate with them by sharing with you all my book review. I had the pleasure of being entrusted to read the manuscript as a beta reader long before it got published, and I was impressed, right from the start, seeing such a vast collection of activities and games that parents can use at home to foster their home languages.

The book is written in English, but the activities presented can be applied to any of your languages. It’s basically a collection of activities and games -some of them you might recognize from your own childhood- that the authors have collected and/or have been using themselves with their kids and students.

If I were to summarize this book in one phrase, I’d write: It’s a very practical and hands-on kind of book that helps families have fun and learn languages while playing games and spending quality time together.

The activities come with an age indicator so that the parents can easily browse through them and find something suitable for their children, following their different developmental stages. There are also activities to support bi/multiliteracy so this is a book that can age together with our children, a valuable tool for years to come. I highly recommend it as it’s one of my favorite books to support family language development.

If you’ve already read it, let me know how you find it in the comments field. If you haven’t bought it yet, you can find it on all Amazon stores.

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