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baby2Our little Erik seems to be very eager to communicate. He can now say all sorts of vowels and the international ( 🙂 ) word in the baby-world “agou”. When I have him on my lap and he’s in the mood for a ‘chat’, he will look at me in a very serious way, sometimes frown at the same time, and ‘talk’. Sometimes he puts his fingers in his mouth and in this way a bigger variety of sounds is produced.

And when daddy is sitting next to me on the sofa, Erik stretches his neck to see him, and tries to engage him in a ‘family conversation’. Oh, my heart melts! I might be wrong but it feels like an attempt to communicate, to talk to us. Roy can swear that he has heard already heard him saying something like ‘hi’ but this is far fetched hehe.

His voice seems to be pretty loud judging from his screams -Mediterranean temper from mummy?- and I am soooo looking forward to hear his voice, his firsts words. Although I am prepared that this might come late, since he’s exposed to three languages at home; Norwegian from daddy, Greek from mummy, and daddy and mummy talking to each other in English.

I think that his first Greek word is going to be either ‘ne’ which means ‘yes’ or ‘kita’ which means ‘look’. In Norwegian, it must be something close to ‘gutemin’, ‘my son’. These are the ones he hears repeatedly at home.

He’s just four months, I know, but I am already getting impatient to hear his voice coming out, forming his first word.

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  1. Tuva says:

    Babies seem to share a common vocabulary their first months of life no matter the origins 🙂 “Words” like goos, gahs, ba-ba-bas and the like. My son’s first word was ‘mama’ at 10 months!

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