Mummy, let me put on the washing machine – on my own!

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My ‘baby boy’ is no longer a baby. He turns 14 months in one week time! And the differences from the baby age to toddler-hood are huge. Let me share with you a funny story – I am smiling as I write these lines 🙂

It’s been a month since our little man walked steadily for the first time and since then he never stops; he keeps on crawling, walking and falling. Except when… we put a laundry.

One of his favourite things to do in the house lately is come with me to the toilet and watch while I put on the laundry machine. He follows me and observes every movement: emptying the bin, seperating the clothes, filling in the laundry machine, putting in the washing powder, closing the laundry machine door, switching the buttons and putting on. Very fascinating ha, who would have thought 🙂

Well, I was surprised to see him so hooked in this ordinary process, but it cannot be compared with what happened today. Erik took out a pair of boxer shorts from daddy’s drawer in our bedroom, walked through the corridor, entered the toilet, placed it in the washing machine and closed the door. He was so pleased with himself that I could see ‘success’ being written all over his face 🙂 Hilarious. I had never thought before becoming a mum that kids can be so much fun <3

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