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Maternity vs nursing bras

Q: Should I buy both maternity AND nursing bras?

A: In my humble opinion, it is a waste of money to buy both. Most probably your breasts size will be the same once they get engorged during pregnancy, as when you breastfeed. And if it turns out that you don’t want or cannot breastfeed, no harm done. Both types of bras are almost the same anyways. The support they provide are exactly the same and the prices as well. If you happen to shop online, you will find that many companies name their bras as both maternity+nursing. That is because nursing bras are maternity bras with a twist. The difference is that they have a clip so that you can breastfeed without taking off the bra whereas with maternity bras you cannot.

Q: How do I find the right size?

A: You can go at any shop that sells maternity/nursing bras here in Malta in UK sizes, like Mothercare, and try different ones until you find the right size.

Q: Where to buy GOOD LOOKING nursing bras?

A: Once you’ve found the right size at any local shop, you can easily shop online at and have realy nice bras delivered at home if you didn’t find anything you like in the local stores. Reviews of fellow shoppers are always a good starting point.

Q: What are your recommendations?

1) Sexy, feminine style (AND super comfortable)

Click here for high resolution pictures, reviews and place your order.

Hotmilk Luminous Maternity and Nursing Women's Bra Champagne  Clothing

You can complete the set with these panties

HotMilk Luminous French Women's Bikini  Clothing

OR     these ones

HotMilk Luminous French Women's Bikini  2  Clothing

2) Super comfy, cotton and good looking bra in black or white

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Lace Trim Nursing Bra-Black  Clothing
3) Super comfy maternity, nursing and sleep bra

Click here for high resolution pictures, reviews and place your order.

If you decide to buy this one, I would suggest that you order it 1 size smaller, cause it’s a bit more spacey.

Emma Jane 361 Maternity Nursing bra

For any other questions, suggestions, recommendations (good local shops maybe?), simply reply to this post.


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