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The multiple award winning Ergobaby carrier has been my best friend in Malta for the last 2 years. Back then, I had my to buy my Ergobaby baby carrier from abroad. But I knew we needed to have the best ergonomic baby wearing brand in Malta. And now we do!

You can buy any Ergobaby ergonomic carrier you wish exclusively by Maltamum. Just head to the Maltamum Shop or contact us directly on with your query. Click on Ergobaby Product list to download the Ergobaby products catalogue in PDF form.

Ergobaby features over 30 carriers in four different categories – Original, Organic, Performance and Four Position 360 — plus a hybrid wrap and swaddler for newborns.



My Ergobaby Love Affair




The Ergobaby Performance carrier was the smartest purchase I ever did. When my baby was born, he wanted to be held all the time. If I put him in his bed, he would either wake up or sleep for small stretches of time. And then I had to carry him again in my arms. Without being able to sit on the sofa or anywhere else. He would cry his eyes out. He wanted me to carry him and walk around all the time! And then he would sleep again. And I didn’t dare to try to put him back to bed again. So I would keep on holding him until he would wake up. Needless to say that my back hurt, I was exhausted, and didn’t have the time to cook, clean, do anything else. And there were so many things to do! This is when Ergobaby came to the rescue. And it has been a love affair ever since.





Before buying the Ergobaby carrier, I had bought a wrap. Many swear by a wrap or a sling for newborns. But I am a bit clumsy and I needed something easier to put on. Something that is ready to use with just a ‘click’. The Ergobaby carrier did that for me. And with the infant insert, it can be used from birth (3.2 kg baby). Plus, The Ergo does what it says on the tin… helps you carry your baby / child comfortably, happily, for long periods of time. I was able to attend family and friends’ gatherings, work meetings, go on happily and comfortably with my everyday life while ensuring the little one did sleep enough.

Ergobaby is the best soft structured carrier (SSC) in the market. Our boy is 13kg now and still enjoys being carried in there while we’re out and about and he gets tired of walking. Did you know that most Ergobaby carriers can take up to 20kg? At 2 years of age he doesn’t sleep in there anymore, but I am very happy when we’re out and he gets tired, that I don’t need to carry a 13kg boy in my arms. And when he throws a tantrum, there’s no pushchair to manoeuvre back home while trying to carry a screaming, kicking child at the same time.


Ergobaby is headquartered in Los Angeles and is sold in more than 700 retailers, in the United States and in over 50 countries internationally.

Proud to say that Maltamum is now one of the Ergobaby authorized retailers, and the only one in Malta!


Love Carries On with Ergobaby.


With love and hugs to you all,







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  1. LIZA BIANCO says:


    I would like to buy an ergobaby carrier for my 6 month old baby, which I’d like to keep on using till 2-3 years for sure. Can you please guide me on the best options available together with the respective prices?

    Kindly advise.



  2. liza says:

    Hi Liza 🙂

    Some general information that you might find useful:

    1) The Original and the Organic carriers are identical (only the fabric is different which is 100% Organic cotton or the latter and thus much softer to the touch) and hold up to 20kg. They both have a large pocket with a ziper for keys, mobile etc.
    2) The 360 is the only one in the market that offers an ergonomic forward facing position, has a wider waistband, is easier to fasten (velcro and buckle), and can be worn higher or lower to maximize comfort. Particularly handy for women who’ve had a c-section. This one holds up to 15kg and doesn’t have a pocket. The brand new Ergobaby 360 air carbon grey 2016 carrier combines the benefits of the Performance model (high breathability) with the ones of 360.
    3) The Performance is made with the most breathable material but fits better as I wrote above people with larger torsos/wide shoulders – holds up to 20kg. The Performance Ventus model is the lightest and most breathable Ergobaby carrier but doesn’t have a pocket. The classic Performance has a large pocket.

    I hope this helps. Kindly have a look on and let me know your preferences. All Ergobaby carriers from our shop come with 30 days full refund guarantee, 2 years product warranty, free Maltamum privileges Card as a gift and free delivery anywhere in Malta and Gozo.

  3. Lara Caruana says:

    Could you tell me if it would be possible to buy a voucher for an ergo baby carrier for a friend of ours? Is it possible to make the vouchers for any value?
    And how can we pay and receive the voucher please?
    Thanks in advance,


    • liza says:

      Hi Lara, thank you for your message. You can choose any amount you like and you can pay online via Paypal or Online Bank Transfer. The voucher will be valid for 1 year.

      • Lara says:

        thanks for your feedback Liza. How do we proceed please? Can you give me bank details?
        and how do we receive the voucher?

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