Halloween stories and activities for children in Malta

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Malta friends,

I have some great news to share with you all! Have you heard of SED Hub* and the Reading Club International**? They organize some amazing things for children, so much so, that I trusted them to organize a workshop for my debut children’s book Where am I from? once it’s published. STEM subjects and literature CAN be fun and engaging for most children, and their unique approach can prove it. If you wish your kids to have great fun while simultaneously they develop important academic and life skills, then this post is for you. Please keep on reading and you won’t be disappointed!

Halloween fun

They have planned some super cool stuff with a twist. You should consider joining one of their sessions in Gudja this coming Saturday (26th), Sunday (27th), Thursday (31st)!


This Halloween, they are running a series of workshops where participants are encouraged to attend with their Halloween costumes. What could be scarier than a pot of hot, boiling slime, with eyeballs and frogs swimming in it?

Participants can attend multiple sessions, as all activities will be different throughout all of the sessions. Applications: http://bit.do/sedhub

Reading Club International

Participants can attend multiple sessions, as all activities will be different throughout all of the sessions.
Applications: http://bit.do/reading-club-international-application-form

*About SED Hub

Year after year, we hear how our students are failing the STEM subjects. SED Hub is here to offer a completely new twist to kids residing in Malta, allowing participants between the ages of 3 – 18 years of age to be engaged through workshops, experiments, and parties.

At SED Hub they run birthday parties, end of school parties, holy communion parties, and special events. Forget flying cars and talking robots. Professor Helix at SED Hub Laboratories has created the greatest invention ever… a Science Party! It’s a unique science party concept, involving science-themed party games for the first half, followed by a hilarious science show for the second half. Who said that science cannot be fun?

They also run summer school clubs which are very hands-on, and children get to make and take home something most days, including their own slime, fossils, model gliders, rainbow glasses and more. Their staff is passionate about bringing a love of science and learning to primary and secondary school-aged children. Their inclusive, hands-on approach is unique. This is not the case of an ordinary, boring science class. The children make and do their own experiments, wearing their lab coats and goggles, using real scientific equipment including a university grade Van Der Graff Generator. The students get to work and interact with scientists and moreover, they get to participate in A.I., Blockchain and Robotics activities. How cool is that?

They also run a number of workshops and experiments at various schools around Malta and Gozo, together with their after school activities, in Gudja. Their after school activities cover a multitude of experiments, projects, and workshops, where students have an hour a week, on Thursday at 4-5 pm and another hour on Saturday at 9-10 am to learn about new concepts, try their hands at various experiments and learn! SED Hub is here to bring back the fun in the learning of the STEM subjects.

Website: www.sedhub.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SEDHub/

**About Reading Club International

Reading Club International provides a space for children to spark creativity, language and life skills. Kids discover life skills on their own, through a handpicked story and a stimulating conversation.

Stories are at the heart of what they do, so let’s begin with one that they sent me.

Once upon a time in a Reading Club International class, a bunch of kids read about a tired mum who wanted a break. Touched by the story, the kids went home and offered to help with chores. Parents were stunned! How did we teach their kids empathy in just one day?

We did not! Kids discovered this life skill on their own, through a handpicked story and a stimulating conversation. Since the discovery was self-driven, the learning was impactful, memorable. That, in a nutshell, is the power of stories at Reading Club International!

Consider this. A rapidly evolving 21st century demands not just knowledge, but innovation and strong people skills. A host of challenges await children in the world beyond our home: fear, failure, pressure, ridicule. Are our kids equipped to meet them head-on?

At Reading Club International, kids learn through deep discovery of their favorite stories. Stories mirror life, featuring hurdles children may face growing up. Learning through experiences of story characters is a safe way to tackle real-world problems.

I cannot think of a better way to build life skills, can you?

Website: http://www.readingclub-international.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/readingclubinternational/

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