Giveaway x 10 copies of Sunny’s Magical Headband and book cover reveal!

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Hi friends,

I  hope that you’re well. Here in Europe, and as I see in many countries all around the world, we’re a bit overwhelmed with emotion with the current situation. As I wrote on my personal profile, I’ve been seeing this photo on social media since the war broke out, and I cannot stop thinking that this could be us, any of us and if not today, on any other day… I cannot believe this is happening in Europe in 2022. This could be any of us… a man from an x country (Ukraine in this case), a woman from a y country (Russia in this case), a beautiful mixed baby. How could they ever be placed at war against each other? At the same time, this photo is the best response to all this madness; Love is the only answer. 

Giveaway x 10 copies of my new children’s book

A few days before the madness began, I revealed the book cover of my forthcoming children’s book “Sunny’s Magical Headband”. Just leave a like and a comment under this post till the 15th of March and I will pick 10 winners at random to send them a copy in English as soon as the book is published. I will also send a handwritten card to the children of the winners ❤. Anyone can win, provided that Amazon delivers books to their country. 

The back story and a milestone reached

On the 14th of February 2020, my journey in publishing officially started. And it started with the book “Where am I from?” in Malta, a country that had given me so much already before I opened my wings for bigger adventures. All the murals of this first book have been painted in my motherland, Greece, by Platon, many of them adorning the walls of public schools in Athens. This was a group effort, and I will be sending my thanks and gratitude forever to the ones who believed in this and helped make it happen by supporting the Kickstarter campaign in 2018.

Two years later, five books that I’ve written are available for purchase worldwide, 10,000+ copies of all the titles combined have found their place in home and public libraries, plus a couple of thousand free eBooks as part of campaigns I’ve run in the past. I’m still pinching myself, but seeing these numbers gives me the confidence to move forward and do more, cause many readers seem to like what I have to share with the world.

With that, I’d like to announce that “Sunny’s Magical Headband” will be published very very soon, and I hope your children and you will love this one also and will find it comforting. It’s a book about loss, and how a young girl uses her imagination to cope with these difficult emotions and keep close, for life, everyone she has ever loved. Here’s a sneak peek of the illustration process by Eva Rodríguez

For the ones who’ve been on board since early on, it’s an adaptation of one of the two short stories that you were able to download for free during the Kickstarter. I had written it in Greek many years back, in the memory of my godparents who were like grandparents to me, when I was dealing myself with grief, and I needed to write something beautiful, positive, while I found myself in a dark place. There will be some minor changes on the book cover as I will self-publish it in English, and Faraxa Publishing will publish it in Malta in Maltese -I bought back the publication rights for all languages except Maltese-.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Millie Slavidou who translated the initial, short adult story from Greek to English, Sam K. Cabbage, Rebecca Noble, and Elizabeth Cortis who worked with me during the re-writing phase and editing, everyone involved with the production of this book, and last but not least all the wonderful people who provided feedback during the early stages.

Thank you so much, sending love to everyone and I hope you keep safe. Good luck to everyone who participates in the giveaway!

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