Free for 48h the eBook edition of Together They Blossomed – Ils ont fleuri ensemble

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-> Free eBook download of a short bilingual story for adults in English-French for the next 48h 
-> EN-Italian, EN-Spanish, EN-Greek editions coming in a couple of days!

Hi friends, I hope you’re well¬†ūüôā. The time has come for this¬†experiment; the launch of a bilingual book for adults who like me fell in love with someone who has a different native/stronger language. I assume you might have read the English version already, but if not, it’s¬†a short love story with a happy ending.

I had initially published this book in English in September 2020 as¬†a gift¬†to my husband for his 40th birthday.¬†The adorable photos are by the super talented¬†Sandra Rogers Photography, and as of right now¬†the book is also¬†available in an¬†English-French edition, professionally translated by¬†Jean-Pierre Geets.¬†The product page on Amazon will take some days to be fully populated with images, etc, but it’s 100% functional and you can go ahead and¬†download the eBook for free¬†during the next 48 hours on all Amazon stores (whichever hosts your kindle account).

Reviews are necessary for a book to succeed, and I cannot do this without your support. I trust that if you enjoy reading it, you will leave a rating and/or write a short review. 1-2 lines would do, massive thank you in advance <3.

You can check¬†out the English edition¬†here, and I’m also sharing below¬†my two absolute favorite reviews about this book¬†from established authors I admire.

I wish you a lovely weekend and thank you¬†ūüôā.

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