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If you could get a glimpse on my email, you would see that I am getting several emails per month asking me to promote products and businesses, link back to -often- dodgy websites, upload guest posts. The vast majority of these, get a negative response, and I refuse the proposed payment. I would never promote anything that goes against my ethics and values. And then again, there are those rare times when I come across some gems that truly deserve our attention. One of these companies, which is also recommended by friends of mine in Malta (I did my research), and which you should definitely check out, is SportsKidz.

Doesn’t it often feel that we are fighting a losing battle against the onslaught of screens when trying to keep our children fit and healthy? With the highest childhood obesity rate in Europe, we in Malta must be particularly concerned about how we challenge this trend in our children.

Helping them lead a sporty lifestyle is the key. SportsKidz – starting again in October – is an after-school club for children aged between 3 and 16. It introduces the kids to a wide range of sports and keeps them active, whilst having a huge amount of fun.

Participation Not Competition

We all know that one of the most off-putting aspects of many sports clubs is the emphasis on attainment and competition. SportsKidz challenges this mindset and allows children an opportunity to enjoy a range of sports and team-building exercises without worrying too much about how they compare with their peers. This, in turn, boosts confidence and encourages strong friendships among the children.

Good Habits

Research suggests that children’s activity levels plummet around the age of seven (as school becomes more academically-focused) and an antidote to this has to be a good thing for our children’s mental and physical health. After-school sports clubs are the answer as they encourage routine exercise with an emphasis on fun.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Often forgotten is the huge benefit sport presents with regards to building communication skills. Especially in a world where much of our communication takes place away from others and by looking at a screen, sporting activities allow children to practice clear and encouraging communication with others who are actually near them. This is an opportunity for children to interact socially, in a non-competitive environment, which, in turn, has many positive benefits in the home, classroom and other areas of their life.

An Emphasis On Variety And Fun

By giving kids the chance to try a variety of sports – there are 18 scheduled over the course of this coming year – SportsKidz ensures that participating children are working a range of different muscles and joints which is excellent for fitness, coordination, and development. All the while, the emphasis is on enjoying the sessions, which the children can confirm!

One of last year’s young participants says, “I have made many friends through SportsKidz. We have so much fun and we’re all excited to start again in October!

Subscriptions are now open for this coming year. Children are divided into age groups of three-to-five (one-and-a-half hours a week), six-to-eight, nine-to-11 and 12+ (three hours a week). The sports on offer throughout the year include athletics, gymnastics, judo, table tennis, karate, taekwondo, handball, basketball, volleyball, football, netball, tag rugby, badminton, hockey, golf, tennis, pickleball, and kwiik cricket!

For more information about the SportsKidz program, visit, email or call on 7942 2054. The program runs on weekends concurrently with the academic year, with this year kicking off on Friday 4 October.

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