Free childcare from April in Malta

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shutterstock_106209278As of April 2014, the planned measures will give the opportunity to families in Malta and Gozo to send their children to childcare centers free of charge. This project will be carried out with the involvement of the private sector.

Who can benefit from the free childcare scheme in Malta?

Children whose parents are in work or in education can benefit from this scheme which falls under two categories.

1) ‘Parents in work’ is defined as both parents/guardians who are in work or single mother/father/guardian who are in work and paying social security contributions.
2) ‘Parents in education’ is defined as both parents/guardians who are in education leading to a recognized diploma or degree or single mother/father/guardian who are in education.

How much?

The government will pay the childcare centre a uniform rate of 3 Euro per hour per child in 2014 and 2015. This will go up to 3.05 per hour in 2016. This money covers staff costs and consumables including stationary but it will not cover for costs such as food, nappies, wipes and the like.

Government run centres are 100% free whereas for the private ones who are involved with the government’s project, the funding is capped at 300 Euro per month for 40 hours. That means that if your childcare facility charges more you will not get the full amount paid by the government.

Which nurseries, childcares, kindergartens fall under the free childcare scheme in Malta?

All the government run centres and private ones who have opted to be included in this scheme. Contact your current childcare centre, or the ones that you are interested in, and ask whether they are involved in this scheme.

Will this service be available during the summer holidays?

Yes, the child care service will still be free during the summer holidays.

Relevant documentation from the government

1) White paper – Early childhood education & care in Malta: The way forward
2) Free childcare scheme Terms and Conditions
3) Application form for the free childcare scheme

Contact details

For questions, feedback etc send an email at

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