Formula milk should not be chosen for convenience reasons.

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If you’ve been following maltamum for a while, you most probably know I am all pro breast milk. Breast milk OR formula is not part of the equation in my mind, as formula is what I would give to my baby IF I wasn’t able for medical reasons to breastfeed.

Sometimes, I am sad to say, I hear cases where mums make wrong statements to other mums such as ‘your breastfed baby doesn’t eat enough that’s why he’s always hungry and wants to come to the breast’, ‘your milk is not good enough to keep him satisfied for long’, ‘your baby doesn’t sleep enough because your milk doesn’t fill him up’, ‘you don’t need to breastfeed any longer’, ‘breastfeeding is so outdated’ etc. THESE ARE NOT TRUE AND DO NOT STAND AS VALID REASONS NOT TO BREASTFEED.

We are mammals, and we produce the proper food for our little ones. Breast milk is the best possible food you can give them and it is damn worth the sacrifice. Yes, most probably your babies won’t sleep through the night for months on end and will keep on waking you up several times per night to nurse. My 9 months old is still waking me up 4-6 times per night. And guess what? It is normal! And believe me, it will get better, it will get easier, and you will get used to it. Just 2 months ago I was ready to collapse. Well, I didn’t. You somehow find the strength and your body copes. It was made to do this. And your kids will one day thank you for doing this for them and you will thank yourself as they will have built a strong and healthy immune system.

I am sorry for the ranting, but I just heard some stories that made me quite upset, cause yes, whether we like it or not, breast is best, simply because it took thousands of years for mother nature to make it as perfect for human bubs as possible, and you can never play god and copy nature 100% in a laboratory. If we can breastfeed, we should all do that, for as long as we can. Because as mums I am sure we all want the best for our children. And our milk is the best thing they can get for a healthy start in life.

Formula is the food for when mama’s breast milk or breast donor milk is not available. It is the medical solution to a problem. It should not be chosen over breastmilk for convenience reasons.

Doctor Sears in this article states the following:

Over 40 years of counseling breastfeeding mothers in our medical practice we have observed the following benefits: mother and baby seem more connected, babies grow healthier and smarter, and a baby’s immune system is healthier. Science supports this. There are many studies showing that breastfed babies are smarter and healthier. The most recent was published in the September issue of JAMA Pediatrics where researchers at Harvard Boston Children’s Hospital (where Dr. Bill trained) did a seven-year study and found that breastfed babies do indeed have a higher verbal IQ. In some cultures, breast milk is known as “white blood.” In fact, every drop of your milk contains over a million immune-boosting white blood cells. Here’s a statement we have made in our medical practice thousands of times because we care about the future health of mothers and babies: Breastfeeding your baby for as long as mother and baby are able and willing is one of the best long-term investments you can make into the emotional, intellectual, and physical health of both mother and baby. During the first year or two you will spend more time feeding your baby than any single interaction. Breastfeeding helps you enjoy feeding. We wish you and your baby a pleasurable experience!’

And in this article you will find a proper comparison of HUMAN MILK VS FORMULA MILK. Though I am sure you don’t need to read this, since common sense does say that what nature creates can only be superior to man made products, as humans are not and cannot play gods.


If someone ever puts you down because you choose to breastfeed, send them articles such as the following for further reading. That should make them reconsider their beliefs and leave you in peace.

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