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Hi :), 

I just realized it’s been a month since the last time I got in touch. Time flies when you have small kids, and life resumes to the usual -and some pretty unusual- routines, right? 


Bookwise, LOTS of things have happened, but let me start by sharing with you this one. It’s a read-aloud video where I read Happiness Street in Greek (my native language), and Dawn in English (her native language), and which her son helped us put together. Kids know so much more than us these days, right? 🙂 Dawn is the admin of the FB group MOMS…The Super Teachers! where you can find lots of cool courses and activities to do at home with the kids.

Back to the news ->

a) The publishing house 24γράμματα acquired the territorial rights for the bilingual English-Greek edition, in Greece for 5 years. They will publish and distribute it shortly to the local market, which is emotionally big to me as this is my home country, and the inspiration for this book originated from that land.  

b) Several of the bilingual editions of Happiness Street have been selected for courses! I hadn’t realized when I was creating it, that it could render itself as a tool for language teachers. 

*FREE SPANISH COURSE -> Zia Lidiette (B.Ed), based in the USA, chose Calle Felicidad, the Spanish edition of Happiness Street as her favorite children’s book in Spanish to teach in her virtual class! If you sign up using this link, and you haven’t used Outschool yet, they will give you a $20 refund on your first class. The cost of her class is $20 for 3 meetings, so it would essentially be free. As long as she has space in the class, anyone can join, and if one class fills up, then she can just open another.

*Nadja Herkner, a language speech therapist and educator with a background in psychology, said she loved the German bilingual edition and is planning to create a workshop soon based on it.

*M.K. Vlahou, a teacher in the US with Greek heritage, sent me this lovely message “Your book is a great success. I just purchased a few more copies. I gave the two for a gift to my godmother’s grandchildren and have yet to read it to my niece and nephews and my students. I will be incorporating it in my lessons during a SEL (social emotional learning) lesson.”

*Alicia posted this lovely 5-star review on Amazon about the French-English edition “This is a trip down memory lane mixed with a bit of color theory. Pleasant and easy on the eyes and heart. I am going to use it with my students in French class. Then we will probably have a class in watercolor. As a watercolorist to myself, I was intrigued by the observation that the autumn sky is darker in color.”

c) Leanna, the founder of Multicultural Kid Blogs read the Spanish-English bilingual book with her kids and posted this lovely review on Instagram.

“Anyone else having a hard time letting go of summer? This year it’s especially hard because it brings back memories of all our other summers, when we’ve gotten to visit family. A beautiful way to help children with these mixed emotions is the lovely picture book Happiness Street by Elisavet & Charikleia Arkolaki. In it, a child looks back on her summer at grandmother’s house by the beach. That magical place truly is “happiness street,” as the children have named it. The paintings of the book are gorgeous. We read the bilingual version, which meant a great opportunity to practice our colors in Spanish! The story concludes when Mother comes to take the children back home, and they experience the bittersweet emotions that come with the end of vacation, though it is tempered by the promise of next summer on Happiness Street. A lovely way to celebrate the transition from vacation.” 


I’ve teamed up with some amazing friends to give one of our followers $… CASH! Enter for a chance to win our big prize of $150 or the second prize of $30! Open worldwide, but you need to hurry! Closes on Sunday 9/27 at 12 midnight PT. (Monday 9/28 at 3 am ET, 7 am GMT, 10 am Moscow, 12:30 pm India, 3 pm China). Click here for all info.


“Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds” – I loved their positive attitude to life, their childlike smiles, and spirit. It’s about 10′ long. Watch it here.


Check out this lovely journal by Pragya Tomar, designed to inspire gratitude and mindfulness through positive affirmations. 


If you’ve read till here, thank you :). I was considering how to sign this newsletter- Liza or Elisavet? This name thing has been very confusing to me since I moved abroad. I was “Elissavet” at birth, then “Elisavet” at school (the spelling rules changed but my birth certificate has 2 s), “Elisabeth” when I had a US language teacher, and “Elizabeth” with my UK English teacher. And, of course, “Elizabeth” with a French pronunciation with my French language teacher. When I was about 16, my friends started calling me “Liza” for short. When I moved abroad, I was told by my colleagues (most from northern Europe) that first names do not get translated, but the majority of them couldn’t pronounce “Elisavet” properly. I started responding to all sorts of short versions. So you might see me signing as “Elisavet” or “Liza”, as these are the two versions I’ve been using “officially” since forever. But I respond to everything remotely similar. We decided to name our kids Erik and Nelly, making sure they wouldn’t have such issues in the future lol.

Have a lovely evening.

Elisavet (aka Liza) 

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