Breastfeeding support group, meeting every Tuesday FREE of charge

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Melissa Bugeja, a certified Breastfeeding Counsellor currently studying to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, is hosting every Tuesday the ‘Belly to Breast‘ breastfeeding support group. These weekly meetings take place at the Breastfeeding Matters Center in Qrendi from 10:00-12:00, and their purpose is to help, encourage and connect with each other. The meetings are FREE OF CHARGE but donations are welcome. Pre-booking is recommended due to limited space.

Melissa breastfed for 4 years her first child and is still breastfeeding her 3 years old.  She assists mothers through courses, workshops, support groups and home visits.  You can find her at and on Facebook

She has written the following two articles for maltamum


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  1. Melissa Bugeja says:

    Hi The Breastfeeding Support has to be cancelled due to some urgent matters. It will be held again as from Tuesday 29 April. Thank you for your understanding!

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