A poem for my son

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Antonella Grech Gili is a primary school teacher at St Albert the Great College. At the moment she’s on parental leave to take care of their nearly 2 year old toddler. So in between nappies, meals, reading books and play time, she has a tea and scribbles down some thoughts as a poem. Below you can find a poem she wrote for her son, which I instantly loved once I read it and wanted to share it with you all <3


A poem for my son

I became a new mother
Without ever knowing before
How much of my old life
I had to change and ignore.

I stayed all day home
To care for our son,
To cook and to clean
And fill his day with fun.

I gave up what i love,
It just had to be done.
The parties and friends,
The travelling in the sun.

It was surely not easy
To change all I am…
But all was just worth it
For this special boy, Tommy Sam.

For though i gave up,
I also acquired.
And now i can say,
I have all i ever desired.

A small hand to hold,
While walking together.
A smile that could make
Your day a lot better.

A hug and a giggle,
10 toes just to kiss,
Reading time all cuddly
Which i never want to miss.

So although life has changed
And my old life is done,
I do not regret it one minute
Cause it’s all for you, my son.



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