A 3-day long online event with many sessions on Multilingual Literacy (in English)!

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            (click on the link above for all the details)

When & Where: 29 SEP – 1 OCT live videos on YouTube.
All sessions will be recorded and can be accessed later on as well. 
Note: the indicated times are in the UK time zone!

Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori (raised bilingual in France, dad to two trilingual sons, language teacher, founder of Library4Multilinguals, PEaCH ambassador, and author of books for multilingual children with a particular focus on Multilingual Literacy) is organizing an amazing event about multilingual literacy.

There will be researchers and experts talking about various aspects of literacy for multilingual children and there will be a big giveaway organised! I was honored to be interviewed by Yoshito to discuss my bilingual books.

Here are the different topics that will be discussed during the event. 


The Importance of Multilingual Literacy
The Cognitive Benefits of Multilingualism
Dyslexia and Multilingualism
The Benefits of Using all the Child’s Languages to support their learning
How to Use Picture Books With Our Multilingual Children (of all ages)


Creating curiosity in reading the home language by designing the environment
Mindset: What are the challenges we unknowingly put on our children’s multi-literacy journey
How to make reading and writing purposeful
What to do when we are lacking time.


When spelling is not transparent (English)
When my language has a different script than the majority language (Greek)
When there are 1000s of characters to learn (Chinese / Japanese)
When it’s a diglossic language (Arabic)

I wish you all a lovely rest of the week 🙂 .

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