5 days till the due date!

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It seems like I haven’t been doing the countdown properly. My due date is on the 29th so we only have 5 days left! The reality though is that it might take slightly longer. Only 1 out of 2 babies is born before her due date and usually that is a result of a miscalculation of the conception date.

Anyways… I went to the hospital today for my appointment at 09:40. I was 10′ late but that’s never a problem since there’s always a waiting time. There was another problem though. When I went to the reception I realized that I had forgotten at home the file with all my papers, including the famous BLUE card! Damn!

In the end, after some phone calls and bla bla in between employees at the reception, it turned out that my doctor accepted to see me without the blue card. One of the midwives though warned me to make sure I always have the blue card with me when I leave home, cause if I go into labour and need go to the hospital, no one will touch me if I don’t have the card with me; all the notes and findings from the different visits are written in there! OK, I get it, but still I cannot avoid wondering what’s gonna be the case if this piece of paper, cause it’s just a price of carton paper, gets destroyed/lost/whatever. I should better take a photo of it just to be on the safe side. Make sure you do that as well cause the hospital doesn’t keep detailed records of all the different findings and results. All details are to be found -apparently- only on the blue card!

The fact that I forgot the blue card resulted in no one noticing my waiting file for the queue for the fetal monitoring and I ended up being called in at 11:00. The monitoring lasted 1h this time and by the time we finished I was starving. Judging from the previous time (no waiting time, 30′ monitoring, seeing the doctor right after) I assumed that everything will be finished at “no time” today as well, and I would be able to snack at the cafeteria right after. I hadn’t brought anything edible with me arghhh. I now had to postpone eating for after having seen the doctor although all I could think of was “FOOD”.

Afterwards, the doctor examined me, confirmed that the baby is still fine and in a very good condition, most probably of an average size of around 3.4 kg, and that my period pains/light contractions of the last 10 days have resulted in a “finger tip” dilation. Great success! What a speed! With this rate I wonder whether I will be ready to give birth on time naturally…

The doctor didn’t seem that worried though. She said that most probably I will be ready within the next days but just in case it doesn’t happen, she booked for me the 8th of August as an induction date (40 weeks + 10 days). Though, there is a chance that IF nothing has happened by next Wednesday the 31st, the date of our next appointment, and she sees it necessary (baby distressed, not enough amniotic fluid etc) I might need to be induced already then.

So next week we have an appointment for ultra-sound, monitor and a visit. I hope that everything will happen naturally before the 8th of August cause I’ve heard that if they induce you labour can be more painful. Plus, running out of patience with all this waiting time but I guess that’s the first lesson to learn as a parent.

PS. Funny recommendation from the doctor to speed up labour – drink just a tiny little bit of champagne (!), try to relax and have some sex 🙂

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  1. Roy says:

    Am a bit annoyed to be woken up in the middle of a tennis match against Nadal. I had just won the second set and the score was 1-1. We had a little conversation although I said I speak un poqo Espanol. Nadal said he liked watching Sponge Bob with his kids, I said I liked Lost but maybe it’s not for children. We played on a clay court. It felt like I had the upper hand but now I will never know. Do you think Erik will be a tennis player?

  2. I particularly liked the point where Roy was -seriously- discussing with Nadal about watching Sponge Bob and Lost with their kids :-p

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