111 Reasons To Pick Breast Over Formula

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Being a mum can be a hard job at times. For all your effort, you’ll be rewarded with sleepless nights, an empty wallet and stretch marks. But all the challenges you face as a mum will be completely worth it, as long as your baby is happy and healthy. Choosing breastfeeding, when it is an option to choose in between breastfeeding and formula feeding, will get you closer to that ultimate goal.

To help mums make an informed decision about which method of feeding they’ll choose, MomLovesBest has created a list; The 111 Benefits of Breastfeeding – For Babies, Moms & Everyone Else

And here, the  team behind Babycared have put together a solid resource about the benefits
of breastfeeding that’s geared towards helping new mums overcome their breastfeeding struggles. There is a ton of information out there,
and this guide was designed to cut through the noise a bit. 

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  1. I have read this article and I feel great that more and more people speak up the benefits of breastfeeding to raise awareness to many people, especially young mothers. They all need these information a lot!

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