The Voca People in Malta February 2014

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Voca People MaltaThe Voca People will perform 4 shows at MFCC Ta Qali on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd February 2014.
Friday-Sunday at 20:00 and Sunday at 15:00. The tickets cost €20, €25, €30 or €40.

If you’ve never heard about them, whatch this YouTube video here . They’re very popular and pretty amazing in what they do (13,334,932 views just on this video).

An extract from the MFCC official website
Voca People are a group of 8 singing musicians, who perform an outstanding show using their amazing voices in accapella and beat box genre. The amazing vocal sounds create an incredible range of sounds and instruments accompanied by a splendid concept which presents the group all dressed in white, representing Aliens from planet Voca. In fact they describe themselves as aliens coming from the planet Voca. Voca is a marvelous place where the friendly aliens communicate with music and vocal expression.

Click here to buy your ticket and read more info.

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