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I can now get to grasp the kind of love that our parents feel for us. The kind of love that grows day by day as the parent and the baby bond. This love seems to be like a seed that gives roots, roots that encircle the heart and penetrate it deeper and deeper as the days pass by. This love seems to grow more as the baby grows. A friend of ours told me when I was pregnant that the parent also grows, grows as person, by caring, loving and raising a child.

I can tell it feels so much different now that Erik is able to hug me from the neck when I carry him, grasp my chick and hold my hand. Sometimes, I can almost swear,he’s caressing my hand in smooth movements. Long gone seem to be the days when all he could do were just spasmodic robotic movements.

Plus, he seems to understand much more. My husband and I rarely argue, and when we raised our voices today in front of him, he freaked out and started crying. We looked at each other, with a big question mark on our faces, wondering whether he sensed the tension. Daddy kissed mummy, mummy kissed Erik, and we told him that everything is alright. As soon as we calmed down, he was all smiley and happy again.

He has also started doing a few more new things. With our help and support he can rollover from both sides, and when we hold him from under the armpits in a straight position, he can hold some of his weight on his legs and make a few clumsy steps. Actually, he seems to prefer pretending to walk rather than attempting to crawl and spend time on his tummy. He also smiles big time when he hears the word “bravo”, you made it, realizing he did something good, and frowning when I say the word he’s been hearing so often since he was born, when he knows he hasn’t done anything

It could be just me, but I have the feeling babies understand much more than we think they do. There is a sparkle in their eyes, and it seems there’s so much hidden in there, waiting to be expressed with time.

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