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19 daysToday the day started with a very nice breakfast buffet at a nearby hotel. Roy and I woke up hungry and started contemplating what should we have for breakfast. We didn’t have much in the fridge so the options were either go to the super market, buy stuff and prepare something or go for the buffet. We opted for the second option. Ready, nice food -did I mention we LOVE buffets?- and the hotel is closer than the super market.

I wanted to take care of some errands afterwards but the heat, a full stomach and even the thought of walking another extra 10′ to go to the bank, wait in queue and walk another 10′ back, refrained me from going there. I now understand how old people might feel and that it can be, indeed, a BIG thing to leave home and just walk as far as to the next corner.

I also wanted to see a friend today and her little one so I preferred to go back home, let the food sink in, and then go see them. I needed to save energy for this extra “short” walk for normal people and “long” walk for 37+ weeks pregnant women. You see, her place is just on the next street from mine but even this feels like climbing a mountain! OK, I might now be exaggerating a little bit but I have the right to do it. After all, being pregnant is always a good excuse for complaining -just- a little bit :). So I stayed home for a few hours, ate a banana to fuel up my body machine (they say it gives you energy for sport activities (!) and left home.

My friend’s son is now 7 months and I hadn’t seen him for 2 weeks. I was very surprised to see how much he changed within such a short time! He can now stand, sit, make clear grimaces, say “papa”, “mama” and “mam” (I guess for food? not sure if this is international for all babies…!) and has learnt how to eat solids properly. I even managed to feed him! That was a first one for me. Thanks A. for letting me do that 🙂

We then had a nice lunch at her place with some girlfriends of hers and I went crazy with the desert, a delicious ice-cream cake. Although after having ate I felt there was no more space left in my stomach, I somehow managed to fit in there 2 1/2 pieces of cake…! No wonder why I now need to stay in bed and rest. Movie time and feet placed up high on a pillow!

Have a good afternoon xxx

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