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Where am I from ? – children’s book

Educator’s guide / Lesson plan – Download it here.

Coloring page (click on the image to download it or download the lesson plan)

Passport coloring and writing activity

(click on the images to download them)

We write our names on the front side, countries, and places we’ve visited on the backside. On the inside pages, we can use stamps, stickers or draw representative items from the places we’ve visited. We can add as many internal pages (blank A4) as we like.

Language portrait coloring activity

(click on the image to download it)

Draw your language portrait! Using the attached human outline, children choose a number of coloring pencils that equals the number of languages they speak. Then, they are free to decorate their human outline in any way they wish, to symbolize the many languages they speak. Here’s an example from a school visit in Malta.

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